Barbara Whitmore
Barbara Whitmo (Liz Vassey) in "Goodbye, Norma Jean" episode in Season 5 of the NBC-TV series "Quantum Leap".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
actress, seductress
A former child actress, she pretends to be Marilyn Monroe's gopher to get close to famous directors and producers to possibly restart her cereer; Sam, who leaps into Marily's gopher, almost gets seduced by her during his attempt to prevent Marilyn Monroe from committing suicide in 1960
Related to: mother, mentioned
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Goodbye Norma Jean" (Season 5)
Character played by: Liz Vassey

Barbara Whitmore appears in the Season 5 episode of the NBC-TV series Quantum Leap titled "Goodbye Norma Jean". She is portrayed by Liz Vassey.

About BarbaraEdit

Barbara, whose real name Mary Jones Swallel, was born in Pasadena, California and was a childhood actor at 12 years old. Her acting career had finished and she was out of money. She decided to pretend to be Marilyn Monroe's gopher to get close to famous directors and producers to get back on her feet.

Barbara had been waiting in Marilyn's home for her to return from a shoot. When she did, Barbara introduced herself. Barbara said she was there for the job opening as her secretary or gopher. Barbara stated that she was a big fan Marilyn and wanted to be a close friend. Marilyn almost denied her until Denis (Sam Beckett), Marilyn's bodyguard, stepped in to help Barbara. Marilyn had accepted and Barbara got the job. While she and Denis were unpacking, she let loose and told Denis her life story. That she was born in a place called Tyrone, Ohio and she had a husband who died in war. Barbara asked Denis if it were true if he was close to the senator. Before he could answer Al had dropped in and needed to talk to him.

When Denis and Marilyn had gone out for a drive, Barbara started to unveil herself. She'd gotten naked, let her hair lose and put on one of Marilyns Mink Coats. She was posing and feeling herself in the fur (feeling sexual rushes at times) in front of the mirror. She had gotten closer to the mirror and said "I wore this for you Mr. Senator. Look at what I didn't wear!" Unveiling her naked body in the mink. Suddenly she heard the door shut and covered up and ran.

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