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List of Quantum Leap Books

The Novel by Ashley McConnell

The Beginning by Julie Robitaille

The Ghost and the Gumshoe by Julia Robitaille

Search and Rescue by Melissa Crandall

Angels Unaware by L. Elizabeth Storm

16: Foreknowledge by Christopher DeFilippis
Too Close for Comfort by Ashley McConnell
The Wall by Ashley McConnell
Knights of the Morningstar by Melanie Raun
8: Pulitzer by L. Elizabeth Storm
9: Double or Nothing by C.J. Henderson
10: Odyssey by Barbara E. Walton
11: Independence by John Peel
13: Obsessions by Carol Davis
17: Song and Dance by Mindy Peterman
18: Mirror's Edge by Carol Davis - ISBN 0425173518

Loch Ness Leap by Sandy Schofield
Random Measures by Ashley McConnell
Prelude by Ashley McConnell
Heat Wave by Melanie Kent

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