Captain Cooper
Sam and Capt. Cooper
Capt. Cooper (Scott Hoxby) with Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) in the episode "Ghost Ship".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Navy pilot and head of air taxi service
Former WWII pilot who had a experience in the Bermuda Triangle in WWII while serving as a fighter pilot who still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and who must transport a married couple through the Triangle again in 1956
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "Ghost Ship"'
Character played by: Scott Hoxby

Capt. Cooper (Scott Hoxby) a Navy pilot, is also the head pilot of a air taxi in the Quantum Leap episode titled "Ghost Ship" in Season 4 of the series. The part of Cooper is played by actor Scott Hoxby.

About Capt. CooperEdit

Cooper is the head pilot of an air taxi that is transporting he, his co-pilot Sam as Eddie Brackett, his wife wendy, (Kimberly Foster) and two young newlyweds Grant Cutter, Jr. (Kurt Deutsch) and wife Michele (Carla Gugino) , who is very sick with appendicitis. Cooper, who once had a previous experience

in the Bermuda Triangle while serving as a WWII fighter pilot, still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which makes Sam's task a difficult one in trying to persuade him to fly on to Bermuda, through the heart of the Triangle, instead turning back to land in Nothern Virginia, so that the wife could get treatment for Michelle's appencicits.

in 1944 Cooper located and sunk seven U-Boats in the Bermuda Triange, on Nov 1944 and the three Aircraft he was leading disappeared without a trace; eight days later, Cooper and the was still running his men West up by a passing tanker, which he claimed, which happened to be the USS Cyclops. There is one big problem... the USS Cyclops disappeared in the Triangle in March 1918 during World War I, twenty-six years before Cooper's experience in the Bermuda Triangle!

Cooper, who claims that the Cyclops was torpedoed seven days later, with him being the only survivor before he was picked up by a liberty ship that met a similar fate, with him again as the only survivor.

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