Carlo Monte
Rick Buche as Carlo Monte
Rick Buche as cruise ship crooner Carlo Monte in "Sea Bride" in Season 2 (ep.#21).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Singer/Entertainer aboard a NYC-based, Monte Carlo themed cruise ship liner in 1954
Becomes embarrassed as he, who speaks in a fake French accent, when he has to explain to Sam, who's leaped into a Phillip Dumont, ex-son in law of shipping magnate Weathers Farrington, who owns the ship, that he doesn't speak French when Sam makes a song request in the language
Character information
Episodes appeared in: "Sea Bride" (Season 2)
Character played by: Rick Buche

Carlo Monte is a character who appears in the Season Two episode titled "Sea Bride". The part of Carlo is played in the episode by singer/actor Rick Buche.

About CarloEdit

Carlo is a crooner and entertainer aboard a swanky Monte Carlo-themed cruise ship owned by Weathers Farrington, a wealthy, aristoratic shipping business magnate, whose daughter, Catherine Farrington is about to marry similarly wealthy businessman/entrepenuer and a suspected criminal figure Vincent Loggia, who's trying to buy Weather's business, as Sam, who leaps into Phillip Dumont, Catherine's ex-husband, tries to prevent it.

At the announcement party for the upcoming nuptials, Sam, who speaks fluent French, tries to make a song request to Carlo, who speaks only in a fake French accent, becomes embarrassed as he explains to Sam that he doesn't speak French.

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