Catherine Farrington
Beverly Leech as Catherine Farrington in "Sea Bride" in Season 2.
Personal Information
Gender: Famale
Is told by her father that her first husband died in a boating accident 3 years earler, only for him to appear on the yacht cruise which she to be re-married
  • Sam's mission in leaping into her ex-husband is to prevent her from marrying a man whom she does not love, that's only of conveniece as he gets approval from her father, who agrees to sell him his shipping business
  • Spouse(s): Phillip Dumont (ex-husband, annulled)
    Domestic partner(s): Vincent Loggia, fiancee
    Related to: Weathers Farrington (father) Marian Farrington (mother)
    Jennifer Farrington (sister)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Sea Bride" in Season 2
    Character played by: Beverly Leech

    Catherine Farrington is the main guest star in the season 2 episode (ep.#21) of Quantum Leap titled "Sea Bride". The part of Catherine is played by the actress Beverly Leech.

    About CatherineEdit

    When leaps into Philip Dumont (the leapee is played by Kent Phillips) , on board the ocean liner, the Queen Mary as it is leaving New York.City, Catherine, Philip's ex-wife, is on board - in a wedding dress as she enters the room and kisses him. Then, just as suddenly, she slaps him across the face and asks him what he's doing here.  Catherine's father,Weathers, hadconvinced her that Philip is dead. Sam has to stop Catherine's marriage to Vincent Loggia (James Harper), a convicted felon who is also known as Vinny the Viper. If she goes through with the wedding, it could be fatal to both Philip and Catherine. Fortunately, Sam has the help of Catherine's kid sister,Jennifer.

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