Charlie MacKenzie
Bill Arnold as leapee Charlie Mackenzie
Bill Arnald as leapee Charlie MacKenzie, whom Dr. Beckett leaps into in 1953 Ohio in "The Amerianization of Machiko" in Season 2 (ep.#3).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
U.S. Navy veteran, Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5), who was stationed in Japan during the Korean War
  • Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into him to try to change his mother's mind about his new Japanese bride, who traveled tt the U.S. with him
  • Rushes Machiko to the hospital after getting struck by a rock by a guy named Rusty while in a fight with him, after Rusty picked her up and threatened her
  • Spouse(s): Machiko MacKenzie, 1953-present (?)
    Related to: Henry MacKenzie (fatjher)
    Lenore MacKenzie (mother)
    Eileen MacKenzie (sister/deceased, commited suicide)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "The Americanization of Machiko" (season 2)
    Character played by: Bill Arnold

    The part of leapee Charlie MacKenzie is played by Bill Arnold in the Sason 2 episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Americanization of Machiko".

    Machiko and Sam as Charlie MacKenzie

    Charlie and new Japanese wife Machiko meet his parents.

    About CharlieEdit

    When Sam leaps into Charlie, who's a sailor returning to the U.S. Navy from having been stationed for the past four years in Japan during the Korean War, he arrives back in his hometown of Oak Creek, Ohio, with a new Japanese wife, to the shocking surprise of Henry and his wife, Lenore (K Callan), whom, in the original timeline of events before Sam's leap into them, was never willing to accept Machiko as her daughter in-law, largely because of racial prejudice at the time. Charlie's dad, Henry MacKenzie (Wayne Tippit), who seemed to be much more open minded than his wife at the prospect of their son having an Oriental wife, and they having an Asian daughter-in-law, is pleasently treated by Machiko to a bathing of his feet, which in Japanese custom, is normal for the new daughter in law to do for her new father-in-law, as it further peeves Lenore.

    It becomes Sam's mission, which Henry is supportive of, to try to get Lenore to accept Machiko into the family, which is eventually what finally happens after Machiko is hospitalized after getting hit by a rock while in the family pickup truck while Sam, who drove to the home of a one Rusty, a former WWII Army wet who was not fond of Japanese people, whom he refers to as "Japs", who had picked her up after she wandered from the MacKenzie farm after an arguement with lenore, and drove her to his home, to possibly try to assault her, only for Sam, as Charlie to arrive and the two start fighting and Rusty begins throwing rocks at the two, Sam and Machiko, one of which strikes her in the Mackenzie family truck.

    Sam is able to save Machiko's life by rushing her to the hospital, where he then has to confront Lenore, Charlie's mom, concerning her reluctance to not only accept Machiko into the family fold, but also to visit a comatose but recovering Machiko in her hospital room, as she struggled with guilt over her behavior towards her when they first met, as he also helps her get over her quilt in her attitude towards Charlie's sister, Eileen, who had decided to commit suicide after getting pregnant out of wedlock a year earlier, as she was ostracized by Lenore and others in the community.

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