Cheryl Wilson
Romy Windsor as Cheryl Wilson
Romy Windsor as Cheryl Wilson
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Gets saved by Sam, who leaps into her brother, from getting married to an abusive drinker who promises to get involved with her into the Peace Corps, when he really has plans of going into his dad's used car business
Related to:
  • Bill Wilson (father)
  • Janie Wilson (mother)
  • Cam Wilson (brother)
  • Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Camikazi Kid" in Season 1
    Character played by: Romy Windsor

    Cheryl Wilson appears in the Season 1 episodes of Quantum Leap titled "Camikazi Kid". The part of Cheryl is played by Romy Windsor.

    About CherylEdit

    When Sam leaps into Cheryl's younger brother, Cam Wilson, a pimply teenager, it is to try to save the future of Cam's older sister, Cheryl, is engaged to a seemingly decent guy named Bob, whom Sam discovers, is actually an abusive alcoholic. Haunted bymemories of his own sister's brief marriage to a similarily abusive man, Sam is determined to stop the wedding.

    As Al tells Sam about his mission as Cam, he explains that, though Cheryl and Bob appear to be a happy couple, Bob is in fact a mean-spirited drunk, who regularly beats on Cheryl. After they got married, as recorded in the original timeline of future events, Bob never lived up to his promise of joining the Peace Corps, and Cheryl never got to see the world like she wanted to.

    After Cam, who supposedly had the slowest car on the block, beats Bob in a drag race challenge between their two cars which he challanged Bob to, Cheryl, who already had been assulted by her soon to he uusband Bob outside of the Wilson home, has her eyes opened without a shadow of a doubt, about the character, or lack thereof of the guy she was about to wed, as he tries to get his sidekicks, the Impalas, to run over her brother Cam; when Cheryl tells him that their upcoming wedding is off and their relationship is over, he tries to hit her again, but Cam, who saw the events that happened outside of their home just days earlier, and who had confronted Bob when it happened, stops him and puches him out, as he saves his sister from making a big mistake in marrying Bob.

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