Chucky Myerwich
Neal McDonough as Chucky Myerwich
Neal McDonough as "Chucky" Myerwich in "Play Ball" in Season 4 (ep.#2).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Minor league baseball pitcher, Galveston (TX) Mustangs, in 1961
Talented, but troubled player whom Sam is to help get his shot in the big leagues, while, at the same time, help meet his estranged father, who deserted he and his mother when he was an infant, but who also still lives in the area and catches all of his games
Related to: Warren Monroe (estranged father)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Play Ball" (Season 4)
Character played by: Neal McDonough

Chuck "Chucky" Myerwich is a character who appears in the Season 4 episode titled "Play Ball". The part of Chucky is played in the episode by Neal McDonough.

About ChuckyEdit

Sam leaps into a Lester Doc" Fuller, a former big leauge pitcher on the Galveston (TX) Mustangs), a minor league farm team in 1961, to help fellow player Chucky, who has a much better chance of making the big leagues, deal with anger and alcohol issues and meet and reconcile with his estranged father, Warren Monroe (Casey Sander), whom Chucky has never met, while not hindering his leapees own chances of making it back to the majors. At the same time, Sam has to keep the team owner, Margaret Twilly (Maree Cheatham), from kicking Chucky off of the team for sleeping with Bunny Twilly (Courtney Gebhart), Maree's equally amorous daughter, which he also accomplishes.

Sam quickly develops a bond with Chucky tells him all about how he’s going to pitch in an important game with a talent scout and how he got into baseball after his dad taught him how to play. Chucky is perfectly friendly with Doc, but contemptuous of the other players and so a fight nearly breaks out. The team manager (Don Stroud) warns Doc to keep Chucky in line and threatens Chucky that he’ll kick him off the team if he doesn’t shape up. Chucky assumes that he can’t afford to lose him and so is undeterred.

In a big game in which a major league scout appears, Chucky wows the crowd pitching but he lets one of the batters hit something and Sam, or Doc, has to make an amazing catch in order to win the game. In the locker room afterwards, the scout is impressed with them both. He offers Doc a position as pitching coach, mostly on the strength of taking himself out of the game, and sends Chucky to Yankees feed-in team where he makes the major leagues in six months. Chucky’s father decides to listen to Sam after all and shows up to reunite with him and the future looks bright for them both.

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