Coach (Mustangs manager)
Don Stroud as Coach
Don Stroud as "Coach" the manager of the Galveston Mustangs minor leauge baseball team in "Play Ball" in Season 4 (ep.#2).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Manager, Galveston (TX) Mustangs AAA minor league baseball team
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Play Ball" (season 4)
Character played by: Don Stroud

"coach" is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Play Ball". The part of Beth is played in the episode bu Don Stroud.

About CoachEdit

When Sam leaps into Lester "Doc" Fuller, a former major league baseball player who once played for the Chicago White Sox who's pitching for its farm team, the Galveston (TX) Mustangs, it's in the middle of a game, as he gets tagged out after getting a base hit, trying to slide into third base, ending the game in a loss for the Mustangs. The first person he meets is "Coach", the team manager, who is fuming. yelling at him asking "What the hell was that?"

"Coach", warns Doc to keep a fellow player with whom Sam, as Doc has bonded with, Chucky Myerwich (Neal McDonough) in line and threatens Chucky that he’ll kick him off the team if he doesn’t shape up. Chucky assumes that he can’t afford to lose him and so is undeterred, as he's right, as Coach, who had to break up a fight in the nearby diner with a fellow player as well. coach, along with Sam, are the only ones who step up to bat and come to Chucky's defense after the team's owner Margaret Twilly (Maree Cheatham) threatens to kick him and Doc off of the team after she learns of Chucky's affair with her daughter Bunny, as she changes her mind and allows him to stay on the team.

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