Dana Barrenger
Teri Austin as Dana Barrenger
Dana Barrenger, as played by Teri Austin, in "Her Charm" in Season 2 (ep.#15).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Corporate Secretary
Must be protected by Sam, who leaps into FBI agent Peter Langley, from Nick Kochifos, a dangerous criminal, and her former employer, as Sam leaps into him to ensure all things properly fall into place in apprehending Kochifos
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Her Charm" (Season 2)
Character played by: Teri Austin as the leapee

Dana Barrenger, a woman in the FBI Witness protection program, who must be protected by Dr. Samuel Beckett, who leaps into FBI agent Peter Langly, from her employer, who's also a wanted criminal, appears in the Season 2 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Her Charm". The part of Dana is played in the episode by Teri Austin.

About DanaEdit

When Sam leaps into FBI Agent Langly, who's trying to protect Dana, a woman who testified against a one Nick Kochifos (John Snyder), a dangerous drug dealer which she used to work for. Critical of the perceived lack of protection she's been getting by Peter, or now, Sam as Peter, Dana goes to Peter's boss, Greg Richardson (Stanley Brock), who's the head of the Boston area FBI Headquaraters office (Stanley Brock) that Peter hasn't been doing a good enough job "protecting her" from Nick, as she claims that the two have come close twice to getting caught and killed by a Nick, because she testifed against him in a recent trial, the first time being when she jumped into a bayou full of alligators to avoid being shot by Nick in New Orleans, and this morning she only survived because she had to help an incompetent Sam find his car keys.

Unbeknownst to Dana, Peter has been working covertly with Nick, apparently getting paid to "deliver" Dana into harm's way, in positions by which it would make it easier for Nick to catch up with them in order to kill her, confirming her suspicions of Peter.

When Sam chooses to hide Dana out in the rural suburan Boston area cabin of his mentor from MIT Professor Sebastian LoNigro, it is revealed during the episode that he and Sam first formulated the string hypothesis that underpins the Project Quantum Leap together, in that very cabin. Sam winds up protecting Dana, after the big confrontation with Nick and sidekick Andy, both of whom have caught up with Peter and Dana, as Peter, or now, Sam, who refuses to hand over Dana to the wrath of Nick, as Sam winds up killing Nick in an exchange of gunfire.

Dana also manages to speak on the behalf of leapee Peter, when criminal charges are brought up against him for working in lieu with Nick, as his original prison sentence of 15-20 years to 8-10. Al tells Sam that Dana is going to back to law school, and in 1976, she will pass her bar and become a senior partner in the firm of Elroy, Elroy & LoNigro. Recognizing the latter name, Al tells Sam that he's never going to believe who Dana is going to marry Professor LoNigro.

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