Irene Basch
Terri Hanauer as Irene Basch
Terri Hanauer as Irene Basch in "Thou Shalt Not..." in Season 2 (ep.#7).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Housewife, Los Angeles, CA, in 1964
  • Contemplates having an affair, as does her husband
  • Gets accused having an affair with Bert Grasserman wrongfully by her hus husband, as Sam helps she and he to come to terms with the death of his son a year eariler
  • Spouse(s): Joe Basch
    Related to: Rabbi David Basch (brother in-law}
    Karen Basch (daughter)
    Danny Basch (son. deceased)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Thou Shalt Not..." (Season 2)
    Character played by: Terri Hanauer

    Irene Basch appears in the Season 2 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Thou Shalt Not...". The part of Irene is played in the episode by Terri Hanauer.

    About IreneEdit

    When Sam, who leaps into Rabbi David Basch, who has just conducted the Bat Mitzvah of Karen, Irene's daughter (played by Lindsay Fisher), he finds a quite upset Joe, Irene's husband, who refuses to dance with her, as she dances with a friend, Bert Glasserman (Russ Tamblyn), whom he, as with possibly even his brother David suspects that one or the other of having an affair with. In the original timeline of events before Sam's leap into the situation, Irene had a one night stand which gets found out and destroys the family, something Karen never gets over.

    When Sam, as David, tries to tell her the truth about Bert, a confirmed bachelor with a reputation for romancing "grieving women" and who is planning to write a book about how to do so, with her story in the sixth chapter, she doesn't believe him, until he presents a rough draft of the truth to her, as she then resists Bert's advances.

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