James Whitmore, Jr.
James Whitmore Jr
James Whitmore, Jr. appears in four episodes of "Quantum Leap", and also directed 15.
Personal Information
Birthname: James Allan Whitmore III
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York City, NY, U.S.
Career information
Actor, TV and film director/producer
Years active: 1976-present
Appears on/involved with: "Quantum Leap (TV series)"
Job on series Director (15 episodes in Sessons 3-5)
Appeared as: Various roles in 4 episodes

James Whitmore, Jr. (born October 24, 1948} directed a total of 15 episodes of Quantum Leap from Seasons 3 to 5; he also appears in four episodes, most notably as leapee Sheriff Clayton Fuller in "Trilogy: Part I: One Little Heart" in Season 5. A longtime TV actor, director, and producer, James has appeared in many guest roles on TV shows which include The Rockford Files, Lou Grant, and Magnum P.I.. He's best known for his role as Captain Jim Gutterman on the NBC-TV series Baa Baa Black Sheep (later known as Black Sheep Squadron), and (since the 1980s) a television director. He is the son of actor James Whitmore.[1]

Episodes directed by JamesEdit

"Lee Harvey Oswald, Part I (episode)" (Season 5)


  1. James Whitmore, Jr., Peterborough Players

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