Joanna Chapman
Debbie Allen as Joanna Chapman
Debbie Allen as Joanna Chapman
Personal Information
Gender: Female
NYC-area Choreographer
Frequents Mario's Hideaway, a local area nightclub/strip joint where

Sam's leapee, Rod "The Bod" McCarty dances; hires a hearing impaired waitress named Diana Quinna after she failed her first audition

Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Private Dancer" in Season 3
Character played by: Debbie Allen

Joanna Chapman is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap, titled "Private Dancer". The part of Joanna is played in the episode by Debbie Allen, who also directed the episode, as well as "Revenge of The Evil Leaper" in Season 5.

About JoannaEdit

Joanna is a New York City-area choreographer of a major jazz dance company. She frequents a nightclub and strip joint named Mario's Hideaway, where a male dancer named Rod "The Bod" McCarty is employed, who Sam leaps into to convince a newly hired co-worker there, named Diana Quinna, who's a hearing impaired waitress, to follow her dreams of becoming a professional dancer, and in doing so, to avoid a major life decision misstep which has her becoming a dancer herself, then an escort, prostitute, going through numerous drug arrests and eventually dying of AiDS in several years.

Anyhow, as it connects to Joanne, she, as with many of the other female patrons, goes completely over feature dancer Rod when he dances, as she apparently had gained a liking to him, and was a good friend, as they make a good pair "tearing it up" on the dance floor, as they display in one scene in the episode after he had peformed his strip act earlier in the evening.

Partially as a favor to Rod, Joanna gives Diana a second chance after a failing an earlier audition because of Joanna's inability to properly communicate with her. As for the second audition, Diana passes with flying colors, as she gets a job with her dance company.

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