Karen Basch
Lindsay Fisher as Karen Basch
Lindsay Fisher as Karen Basch in "Thau Shalt Not..." in Season 2 (ep.#7).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
  • Is devastated when her mother had an affair with Bert Grassermean whic was prevendted by Sam's leap into her uncle, a rabbi, who performs her Bat Mitzvah ceremony
  • Reconciles with her father, as the family comes to terms with the death of her brother a year eariler
  • Related to: Rabbi David Basch (Uncle}
    Joe Basch (father)
    Karen Basch (mother)
    Danny Basch (brother. deceased)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Thou Shalt Not..." (Season 2)
    Character played by: Lindsay Fisher

    Karen Basch appears in the Season 2 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Thou Shalt Not...". The part of Karen is played in the episode by Lindsay Fisher.

    About KarenEdit

    When Sam, who leaps into Rabbi David Basch, who has just conducted the Bat Mitzvah of Karen, his niece, he has to keep Irene, from having an affair with a family friend, Bert Glasserman (Russ Tamblyn), and get the family to reconcile as the possible affair of Irene, in the original timeline of events before Sam's leap into the situation, had Irene's affair, combined with the untimely death of Danny, Karen's brother, destroying the family.

    Karen, still distraught over the loss of Danny, expresses that she still holds bitterness, as she said she "hated" her brother for dying, as Sam helps her, and the rest of the family, through the grief process, as she embraces her dad Joe, who was probably the hardest hit by Danny's death, and tells him that she loves him.

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