Kevin Wentworth was a character in the Quantum Leap episode "Raped." He is portrayed by Matthew Sheehan.

In the episode, Kevin is a star athlete who has accepted a full-ride scholarship at a university. He is the mayor's son and the town's all-American golden boy. However, he also harbors some sinister secrets, namely that he raped his girlfriend, Katie McBain (Cheryl Pollak) after their date; the incident happened before the series' main protagonist, Sam, leaped into Katie, in an effort to bring Kevin to justice and send him to prison.

In the end, Kevin is acquitted. That night, Sam (still as Katie) is sitting on the porch swing of her home, pondering the turn of events. That night, Kevin comes to the house, angry that he had been portrayed as a rapist, then reveals that he indeed did rape Katie and plans an even more brutal attack in revenge, and knocks her off the porch. However, unknown to him, Sam is still in Katie's body and when he begins to unzip his pants to take care of "Katie" once and for all, he is met with a huge kick to the groin, knocked back with such force that when he lands on the seat of the swing the chains break from their hooks. From there, Sam beats the stunned Kevin to within an inch of his life, screaming at him at how he raped her but now he was going to make sure he paid the price for his actions and will never again be a danger to her or any other women. As a virtually unconscious Kevin is gasping for air, Katie realizes she has regained her self-confidence and gotten revenge on her attacker.

It is unclear whether Kevin had attacked other girls, as Al (Sam's friend) does not give a post-script of what happened to either Kevin or Katie after the new turn of events; in the original version, Katie is disgraced and forced to leave town, never returning even for her father's funeral. With the new turn of events, it is presumed that Kevin survives the attack but, because he is so badly injured, lives his life out in a persistent vegetative state, never again able to attack a woman; while Katie is able to come to terms with what happened to her and have a reasonably good future.


In The Quantum Leap Book, written by Louis Chunovic, the book erroneously claims that Kevin is convicted but released on his recognizance to prepare his appeal, and that he is ultimately given the maximum sentence, while Katie recovers and becomes a district attorney.




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