Margerita Lorrea Tearsa
Jenny Gago as Margerita Tearsa
Jenny Gago as Florida Assistant DA Margerita Tearsa in "Last Dance Before an Execution" in Season 3 (ep.#19) of "Quantum Leap".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Florida State Assistant District Attorney
Files an appeal for the conviction of Cuban immigrant Jesus Ortega, whom along with Raul Casta were convicted for the murder for the murder of a Catholic priest in Tallahassee in 1971
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Last Dance Before An Execution" (Season 3)
Character played by: Jenny Gago

Margerita Lorrea Tearsa is a character who appears in the season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Last Dance Before An Execution". The part of Raul is played in the episode by actress Jenny Gago.

About MargeritaEdit

When Sam leaps into convicted Cuban felon Jesus Ortega (played by Stephen Domingas) who, along with fellow immigran Raul Casta, is on death row awaiting their execution dates for their sentence for being convicted for the murder of a Tallahasse, FL area Catholic parish priest and the theft of $6 from the parish strong box in 1971, he is led to believe he is there to clear both he and Raul for the crime.

The DA for whom Margerita works for, Florida DA Theodore Moody (James Sloyan), is running for governor on the basis of being hard on crime and so often pushes sentences up as high as he can and arranged for all five death row inmates to be there. In the original history, Tearsa is caught helping Jesus and Raul, and not only fails to save him but is disbarred and ends up a social worker in an unemployment agency for the rest of her life. Sam tries to keep her from getting caught while helping himself.

Fortunately, Margerita strongly believes Jesus’ story and is eager to help him prove his innocence. In fact, because the ballistics report was inconclusive, and the DA’s office claimed that it was conclusive, as Tearsa organized the whole stay of execution in the first place.

One of the bullets is missing, and Sam convinces Tearsa to go back to the church and to look for it. Al accompanies her and, with future technology, manages to find the bullet but cannot let Tearsa know. Fortunately, a young child who thinks that Al is an angel, is able to communicate the news to Magerita, as she was praying for an answer. No one could find it because it was hidden behind a painting.

Stunningly, the bullet conclusively proves that Jesus’ gun shot and killed the priest. Tearsa feels betrayed and she rages at a horrified Sam, who tries to explain to her that he is not actually Jesus, but to no avail. The DA shows up and threatens to destroy Tearsa's law career. Sam, in the moments before he, as Jesus, is to be electrocuted, is influenced by Al, who advises him to confess on Jesus's behalf to the death of the priest, and to get Margerita, who was handling their case, to contact a phone number and new name of the witness who was with Raul when the priest was killed, who is, at the time of JesusEion, is practing medicine in New York City.

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