Marian Farrington
Patricia Harty as Marian Farrington
Patrica Harty as Marian Farrington in "Sea Bride" (Season 2, ep.# 21(
Personal Information
Gender: Female
  • Tries to console her daughter of the sudden disappearance of ex-husband Phillip Dumont, whom Sam leaps into, on her wedding day
  • Also reveals a past beau which her parents did not approve of, before marrying Catherine's dad
  • Spouse(s): Weathers Farrington
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap
    Episodes appeared in: "Sea Bride" (Season 2)
    Character played by: Patricia Harty

    Marian Farrington is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Sea Bride". The part of Marian is played in the episode by Patricia Harty.

    About VincentEdit

    On the morning of the wedding of Marian's daughter Catherine to businessman/suspected organized crime figure Vincent Loggia, aboard her husband Weathers's cruise ship, Jennifer comes in to her cabin, and tells Catherine that Sam, who leaped into her ex-husband Phillip Dumont, who was there to try to prevent the marriage, can't be found anywhere.

    Marian then, tries to console her of Sam, or Phillip's, sudden disappearance, trying to reassure her that she will get over Phillip, whom she still has feelings for, and to go through with the wedding, as she also reveals that she, before marrying Weathers, had a relationship with a young man she called "Jerry", whom her parents, like Weathers feeling towards Phillip, did not approve of, but that she never regretted breaking their relationship and marrying Catherine's father.

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