Mary Walters
Lorrine Vozoff as Mary Walters
Lorrine Vozoff as Mary Walters in the episode "Promised Land" in Season 5 of "Quantum Leap" (ep.$11(.
Personal Information
Gender: Famale
Farmer / Housewife. recently turned widow in Elk Ridge, Indiana (Dr. Beckett's hometown) in 1971
Understands, but doesn't totally agree with, the plan of her sons, particularly her oldest, to hold up the local bank after it refuses granting an extenstion to pay off a delinquent debt owed on the mortgage on their farm
Spouse(s): Willie Walters, Sr. (deceased)
Related to: Willie Walters, Jr. (Sam's leapee, son)
Neil Walters (oldest son) <br< John Walters (youngest son)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Promised Land" (Season 5)
Character played by: Lorinne Vozoff

Mary Walters is a character who appears in the Season Five episode "Promised Land" (episode #11). The part of Mary is played by Lorinne Vozoff.

About MaryEdit

Mary is the mother of Willie Walters, Jr., whom Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into in his hometown, Elk Ridge, IN, in 1971 to prevent his leapee and his brothers Neil and John from getting shot and killed when, in a desperate attempt to save their family farm and their land from being forclosed on by the town bank after they get a loan extenstion reqqest refused by the bank's manager, Gus Vernon (Jonathan Hogan) after their father died, try to hold it up.

When Sam decides that me must find a way to leave the bank covertly by getting one of the tellers, who's pregnant, to act as if she was in labor in order sneak out of the back of the bank, with rhe police in front of the bank unaware, to get to his truck and drive to Gus's home to retrieve the paperwork that would uncover the reason the bank lent money to these farmers who could not possibly pay back in drder to forclose on them easily in clear the way for a deal that the bank had with local area land developers who planned to build a big shopping mall in the area of the farmers' properties,

Mary, while not supporting the idea of holding up the bank to make a statement against it, supports her boys' intentions, as she, in talking with the town's sheriff, Sheriff Clyde Mundy (Arlen Dean Snyder) equates the bank's stance of forclosure concering her and other farming families who had mortgages with the bank, as "murder", as she directs her boys not to leave the bank, more as to make a statement to the local press about the plight of the farming families who deal with the bank.

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