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"Mirror Image"
Episode No.   Season
97 5x22 Five
Original Broadcast Date May 5, 1993
IMDB: Mirror Image
Written by Donald P. Bellisario
Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.
Leap Information
Leap Date August 8, 1953; April 3, 1969
Place Cokeburg, Pennsylvania; San Diego, California
Leapee Sam Beckett
Chronological Information
Preceded by Memphis Melody
Followed by N/A - End of Series
(Return to Genesis: Part I
(series pilot)

Date: August 8, 1953

Sam leaps into a bar at the exact moment of his birth, when he looks into a mirror he sees his own image looking back.

We learn that it was Sam who wanted to put right what once went wrong; that's why he created Quantum Leap. Sam is given a choice to return home or continue leaping. Sam says he wants to return home, but first he feels he needs to fix one more thing.

Sam leaps back to April 1, 1969 (Episode: M.I.A.) to tell Al's first wife Beth that Al is still alive and will come home.

The episode ends with captions that state Al and Beth never divorced but instead had four daughters. The final caption reveals that Doctor Sam Beckett never returned home.


Al states that he doesn't know what leaping looks like as he has usually left the imaging chamber by then. However, in Good Morning, Peoria he believes that he is leaping when he begins to glow blue from the interference from the radio antenna, and in Animal Frat after telling Sam how to complete his mission and leap he makes an electrical sizzling sound and motions with his hand to imply it passing through Sam's body. Further more, in many episodes he is looking at or standing next to Sam when he leaps.


Along with Scott Bakula (Sam), Dean Stockwell (Al) and Dennis Wolfberg (Gooshie), Bruce McGill is the only actor to appear in both the pilot and finale though as a different character.

Nearly all the actors in this episode appeared in previous episodes.

Albert offers Sam the choice of 'regular or schooner' glasses. The glass referred to as a schooner is in fact a Pilsner.(This is actually impossible to know. Schooner refers to the volume the glass holds so apparently the author of this particular trivia can tell the volume of the glass just by seeing it on the screen, Pilsner = 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml or 400 ml sizes (in Europe 500ml) Schooner = 425 ml. Source =

The pinball machine in the front corner of the bar is a Gottlieb 'Baseball' which was first released in June 1970, 17 years after the episode takes place. [1]

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