Norma Jean Pilcher
Norma Jean Pilcher
Kathleen Wilhoite as Norma Jean Pilcher
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Spouse(s): Hank Pilcher
Related to: Millie Reynolds (grandmother)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Moments to Live)" in Season 4
Character played by: Kathleen Wilhoite

Norma Jean Pilcher is a character who appears in the Season 4 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Moments To Live". The part of Norma Jean is played in the episode by Kathleen Wilhoite.

About Norma JeanEdit

Norma, a fan of the network TV soap opera series "Moments to Live", is also the president of its biggest fan club, devoted to heartthrob actor Kyle Hart, who plays the part of Dr. Dan Conner on the series. When the producers of the show sponsor a constest to see who will win a day with the star, whom Sam leaps into, Norma is the winner; little does the show, Kyle, or his agent suspect that Norma, who has serious emotional scars due to a rough childhood experiecne of abuse and abandonment by her parents, is planning to kidnap Kyle, or Sam, with the intent of having him father a child with her. See, her husband Hank (Pruitt Taylor Vince), has been unable to do so, due to a low sperm count; he also does not know of her intentions, but still goes along with the kidnapping, thinking it's just to extort ransom money for the famous soap opera star.

Somehow, Al, as Kyle, is able to get Norma to see reality when her husband Hank, who was thinking that his wife wanted to hold Kyle hostage for ransom money, passes out while holding Sam hostage with a shotgun. When Sam, pretending to be Kyle, said that he'd seen the same condition that Hank is suffering from, a ruptured ventricle, as Norma says "maybe we should call for an ambulance-" as Sam reminds of her of an episode of the show in which Dr. Conner perfomed on a woman as she abruptly says "You can't do that!" as he gets her to admit that Sam, or Kyle, is not a doctor.

Sam is able to revive Hank, who still wants to hold him hostage, as Sam convinces him that wife Norma has serious psychological problems, as they get her to put down the shotgun that she picked up while Sam was bringing Hank back to.

In the end, when the police arrive to arrest Hank and Norma and take them both into custondy, so does Ben, Kyle's agent (Brian George), who suggests that they should lobby the producers of the soap to incorporate the story of his ordeal on the series!


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