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"One Strobe Over The Line"
QL episode 3x4 - One Strobe Over The Line

Sam, as a fashion photographer, must keep model Edie Landsdale from overdosing on drugs and alcohol in "One Strobe Over the Line" in Season 3 (ep.#4).

Episode No.   Season
35 3x04 Three
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date October 19, 1990
Network: NBC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo One Strobe Over The Line
Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: Michael Zinberg
Leap Information
Leap Date: June 15, 1965
Place: New York City, NY, U.S>
Leapee: Karl Granson
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Leap of Faith"
Followed by: "The Boogieman"

One Strobe Over the Line was the fourth episode of Season 3 of the TV series Quantum Leap, also the 35th overall series episode. The episode, which was written by Chris Ruppenthal and directed by Michael Zinberg, originally aired on NBC-TV on October 19, 1990.


As Karl Granson, a well-known fashion photographer, Sam must protect a female fashion model from overdosing on illicit drugs.


Sam leaps into the body of high-fashion photographer Karl Granson. According to Al, Sam's job is to keep up and coming model Edie Landsdale (Marjorie Monaghan) from dying of an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Edie a small town girl from the midwest who works for her. She is a down home type of girl who would like nothing better than to make a little money and then return home to take care of her family and perhaps become a vet. Modeling is a tough job, and Edie's agent, Helen Le Baron (Susan Anton), has been giving her pills to make it through the day.

Helen is a quite unscrupulous sort who'd do just about anything to ensure a successful shoot from her modeling talent, even if it means supplying them drugs to do it; several of her former models have had run ins with her over her supplying them with pills, possibly uppers, to "ehance" their performance on any given shoot, as several of them had had overdoses. Turns out that Edie, also one of her models, also has developed a serious substance abuse problem with drugs and alcohol.

Helen sees Edie just before an important shoot. She adamantly insists that she uses some pills, perhaps "uppers' for the shoot. It causes her to almost overdose. Sam and Al are able to circumvent before she overdoses and gets mauled by a lion on the shoot. When she crashes at a photo shoot, Sam has to move quickly to save her life.

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