Peggy Stratton
Jennifer Runyon as Samantha Stratton
Jennifer Runyon as Peggy Stratton in "Genisis: Part I", the "QL" Series pilot (ep.# 1.1)
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde
Body type: Pregnant
Born: November 2, 1956
Spouse(s): Tom Stratton
Related to: 2 children
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Genesis: Part I" (series pilot)
Character played by: Jennifer Runyon

Peggy "Peg" Stratton is a character who appears in the series pilot of Quantum Leap titled "Genesis: Part I". The part of Peggy is played in the episode by Jennifer Runyon.

About PegEdit

When Sam awakens in the year 1956, suffering from total memory loss. He is confused to discover that his name is Thomas "Tom" Stratton as he awekens in the bed with wife Peggy (Jennifer Runyon), as he also discovers that they have a son named Mikey. He is further shocked by his reflection in the mirror which he insists is not him.

Later that morning, when he disovers that the image in the mirror is not his, but is of who turns out to be his leapee, he calls Peg into the bathroom, to ask her who she sees in the mirror, as she, only seeing her husband's image, says, thinking that Sam is Tom, she says "You!"

Sam is there to assure that her husband a U.S. Air Force test pilot, successfully completes X-2 test flight, as in the original timeline before Sam's leap into 1956, his plane crashed, killing him, and Peggy, being distraught as she hears of his death while in labor, miscarries, losing their second child, all which is avoided from happening, as the former outcome occurs instead.

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