Primo La Palma
Personal Information
South Brooklyn hit man, brother of Frankie La Palma, fiance of Angela Frascotti; dating girlfriend of boss Don Geno Frascotti, father of Angela, earning Don Geno's wrath in the process
Related to: Tony La Palma (father)
Momma La Palma (grandmother)
Frankie La Palma (brother)
Segundo La Palma (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "Double Identity"
Character played by: Nick Cassavetes

Primo is the brother of Frankie La Palma. Primo was due to marry Angela Frascotti (played by Patricia Veselich), daughter of Don Geno Frascotti when Sam leapt into Frankie. Primo appears in the Season One episode of Quantum Leap titled "Double Identity". The part of Primo is played in the episode by Nick Cassavetes.

About Primo Edit

In November 1965, Primo was due to be married to Angela Frascotti daughter of South Brooklyn mafia boss don Geno. At his wedding he and Angela requested that his brother Frankie (Sam) sing "Volare".

The next day, while out walking with Frankie snd Segundo he was witness to an incident where Frankie entered a hairderssers to talk to Teresa Pacci (Terri Garber), who's the girlfriend of Don Geno and was almost caught by them. Later that same day Primo along with Segundo is sent by Frankie to plug a hairdryer, stolen from Theresa's salon, into a fraternity house in Buffalo. When Primo and brother Segundo switched the hairdryer, on it caused a blackout on the street which soon started to spread across the East Coast.

Appearances Edit

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