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"Private Dancer"
Episode No.   Season
45 3x14 Three
Original Broadcast Date March 20, 1991
IMDB: Private Dancer
Written by Paul Brown
Directed by Debbie Allen
Leap Information
Leap Date October 6, 1979
Place New York City, New York
Leapee Rod McCarty
Chronological Information
Preceded by Future Boy
Followed by Piano Man


Sam leaps into Rod McCarty (a.k.a. "Rod the Bod"), a Chippendales dancer who must help a deaf woman find success as a professional dancer, before she goes down a road of prostitution and dies of AIDS.


  • Ladies Night (performed by Kool & The Gang)
  • For The Love Of Money (performed by The O'Jays)
  • Getaway (performed by Earth, Wind & Fire)
  • Another Star (performed by Stevie Wonder)
  • Daybreak (Storybook Children) (performed by Cheryl Lynn)

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