This page is for references to the Quantum Leap series in television.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Edit

  • In season 12, episode 1, "The Gang turns Black", the episode played homage to several different body swapping movies and shows. Scott Bakula guest stars and sings a song called "How did they know?" and does his classic "Oh Boy." at the end of the episode.

Parks and RecreationEdit

  • In the episode "Flu Season", Leslie is on strong flu medication while giving a speech. As Ben stops her from continuing, she says, "Give it up, everybody, for Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap".

Raising Hope Edit

  • In the episode "The Walk for the Runs", Jimmy remembers the times when Burt and Virginia fought and made Jimmy solve the issue. In one of the memories, Burt thinks that some riots on TV were real. Virginia says, "Remember when I changed the drapes and you thought we quantum leaped?"

Seinfeld Edit

  • There is one episode, "The Trip", where Jerry is in the NBC studio in California. On the one wall, there is an image of the Quantum Leap series, with the image featuring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.