Roscoe, the bookie
Dixie confronts Roscoe
Roscoe (Jon Gries) drops by Dixie and boyfriend "Kid Cody" , Sam's leapee, to "collect" on a gambling debt, in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Bookie, Sacremento, California, in 1974
Sam leaps into boxer Clarence "Kid" Cody a pro boxer, who had been taking dives for a crooked local boxing promoter, until he agrees to win his next bout against Jackson in earnest, a local boxing championship, which if he wins outright, will help a local Catholic parish build a new chapel
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Right Hand of God" (Season 1, episode #4)
Character played by: Jon Gries in uncredited appearance

Roscoe, the Bookie is a character who appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Right Hand of God". The part of Sister Sarah is played in the episode in an uncredited appearance by Jon Gries.

About RoscoeEdit

When Sam, who leaps into boxer Clarence "Kid" Cody, he's just won a bout that Cody was supposed to lose, as he has a deal with corrupt boxing promoter Jake Edwards to either lose or win on purpose, so that Jake can make good on his wagers for or against him; enter Sisters Sarah and Angela, who were nuns at the local parish where Cody's former manager, who recently died, worshipped, as he bequeathed the rights to Cody to they and the parish, as well as a small donation. Cody, who is set to fight in a local championship bout against Tiger Joe Jackson (Roger hewlett) is threatened and pressured by Jake to throw the fight, as he has money waged on it through Roscoe, Jake's bookie. Edwards has set up Cody's last ten victories but now wants him to lose the championship fight. Sam attempts to get out of the situation by suggesting he might retire. However, Edwards threatens that one of his goons will shoot him in the knee caps if he opts out of the fight.

Roscoe owes us Jake

After correctly predicting the outcome of the Ali-Foreman fight, and winning the fight against Tiger Joe Jackson, Roscoe has to pay Dixie and Sam their winnings, part of which they use to repay Jake for losing on the wager on Cody's fight.

Sam backs down from his retirement idea and is dismissed by Jake, who tells him he will be in touch to tell him which round to take a dive in. Sam returns to the apartment and converses with Cody's girlfriend, Dixie (Teri Copley), who's a stripper who is helping Cody save money so they can both buy a donut shop together. However, Cody owes money to Roscoe, whom Dixie repays when Roscoe comes to their apartment looking for Cody to "collect" on his debt, as she then slams the door on him, as he responds "Ohhh!! You've broken my nose!!!". Sam then tells her he must move in with the nuns so he can train for the championship fight.

After Sam manages to knock Jackson out when Dixie streaks across the fight arena to distract Tiger Joe, Dixie tells Sam they have won $48,000 for betting the correct round in which Muhammad Ali would defeat George Foreman in their famous bout which had occured that day, as Roscoe pays them back for their winning bet on the "Thrilla in Manila" fight, which they use to repay Jake.

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