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"The Curse of Ptah-Hotep"
Episode No.   Season
73 4x20 Four
Original Broadcast Date April 22, 1992
IMDB: The Curse of Ptah-Hotep
Written by Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by Joe Napolitano
Leap Information
Leap Date March 2, 1957
Place The tomb of Pharaoh Ptah Hotep II in Saqqara, Egypt
Leapee Dale Conway
Chronological Information
Preceded by Moments To Live
Followed by Stand Up

March 2nd 1957 -

Sam leaps into archaeologist Dale Conway just as he and fellow archaeologist Ginny Will enter the tomb of Pharaoh Ptah-Hotep. Sam is thrilled once he realizes where he is and says that this is a dream come true and realizes that he’s in 1957 when he mistakenly mentions a publication from six years in the future. Unfortunately, they cannot find the sarcophagus and Ginny suggests that tomb robbers beat them to them to the punch.

Back on the surface, Al warns that Conway and Ginny disappear at some point in the next few days and are never seen again. He also warns of a coming sandstorm that could bury the tomb and everyone at the campsite under fifty feet of sand. He wants Sam to get out of there but when he admits that at some point before 1999 the tomb was likely destroyed by a construction crew building over it, Sam refuses and resolves to work fast.

Their partner with the museum, Dr. Mustafa El Razul, drives up having finally managed to locate their new campsite since they left the last one without telling anyone where they were going. Ginny does not seem pleased to see him. A series of accidents have meanwhile been plaguing the camp. A snake ends up in Conway’s tent and eats his canary. Ali is poisoned and when Razul tries to leave to return the body to his family, his car breaks down. Gamal is then killed trying to fix the car. Everyone, including Al, worry about a curse but Sam refuses to entertain such ideas.

Sam meanwhile has a breakthrough. He knows that oftentimes pharaohs had false entrances to trick thieves and wondered if maybe this time the false room is the real room. He breaks through the wall and discovers the sarcophagus and a lot of treasure. He calls Ginny and Razul down and, though Razul would rather wait for more people and better equipment, he allows Sam (worried he might leap too soon and about the sandstorm) to sweep him up in the excitement of the moment and they open up the sarcophagus.

While they are down in the tomb, their camp catches on fire. Razul and Ginny are very shaken and starting to wonder seriously about the curse. To prove them wrong, Sam charges down and grabs ‘the heart of Ptah-Hotep’ (a large jewel the mummy was holding). Immediately afterwards, he and Ginny are trapped in the tomb. They have two days worth of air but only twelve hours to escape the sandstorm. Al starts to feel claustrophobic and tries to leave until to find out that, due to a technological malfunction, he’s currently trapped in the imaging chamber.

Razul promises to drive to town and bring back help but Sam would rather not wait that long. He and Ginny eventually find their way out by putting the jewel back…only to discover that Razul never left. He says that he was going to go get help but then realized how profitable letting them die would be. Sam accuses him of causing the other problems but Razul denies it. At gunpoint, Razul forces them back into the tomb and demands to know what they did to get trapped and to escape.

Sam warns Razul against tempting fate but the man won’t listen. Sam knocks the gun out of Razul’s hand and when Razul takes the jewel, Ginny and Sam escape before they are trapped. Razul tries to put the jewel back but finds that it will not fit. He pleads for help and, despite what he’s done and the knowledge Sam possesses about the incoming sandstorm, they try to free him by moving the giant rock trapping him.</p>

Razul starts screaming and Sam sends a reluctant Al to see what’s going on. Al quickly runs back out again, revealing that the mummy is killing Razul. He also reports that he wasn’t trapped by a chip failure as he had thought but by a new program from Egypt. He informs Sam that Conway and Ginny look for the tomb again for years and never find it. Sam manages to convince a reluctant Ginny that Razul is already dead and they flee to the surface.

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