Tim Fox
Sam leaps into Tim Fox
Sam discovers he's leaped into minor league ball player Tim Fox (Ken Martin, right) in part 2 of the "Genisis" story arc at the start of Season 1.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Minor Leauge baseball player, Waco (TX) Bombers AAA minor league baseball team, 1968
Hometown Elk Ridge, Indiana, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Genesis: Part II" (season 1)
Character played by: Ken Martin

"coach" is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Genesis: Part II", the second part of the series premiere two-episode story arc. The part of Tim the leapee, is played in a cameo mirror image appearance the episode by bit actor Ken Martin.

About TimEdit

Sam leaps into Tim Fox, a 32 year-old outfielder who has played for the Waco Bombers minor league baseball team in Waco, TX for five years, this after having been previously called up for the Chicage White Sox five years earlier, after batting .415 before getting called up, before a leg injury got him sent back to the minors to recover, where he's been languishing ever since. According to Al, Tim the leapee is going to "hang up his cleats" for good after playing in the final game of the year, and then eventually marry a woman named Sue, have a baby girl, and open up a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in the area. Since all seeps to come out alright for the leapee and his family, Sam and Al are still at wits end trying to figure out why Sam has leaped into Tim.

Tim's team, the Bombers, ars playing the final game of the season and, according to Al, are destined to lose. Sam asks Al why he didn't leap, but Al and Ziggy are still unsure. Sam, after having his memory kinda swiss-cheesed from his intial leap into USAF test pilot Tom Stratton in 1956 in "Genesis: Part II", now remembers, however, at least, that he is a medical doctor. Al says that, actually, Sam holds six doctorates (one of which is indeed medicine), and his speciality is in quantum physics. Al reveals that Sam is the architect of the project and the only one who can figure out how to get himself home.

Turns out that whatever benevolent (perhaps divihe) force which causes Sam to leap in the lives of others in his lifetime has used Tim's circumstance to have communication with his father via a long-distance telephone call to Indiana, through Tim, who's a native of Elk Ridge, Indiana, Sam's hometown, and who's family is accuqainted with the Becketts.

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