Toni Graphia
Toni Graphia
Screenwriter/Producer Toni Graphia wrote the Season 4 "QL" episode "Justice" (ep.#4).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: (1960-05-11) May 11, 1960 (age 57)[1]
Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana U.S.
Career information
Television Screenwriter, Producer
Years active: 1989-present
Appears on/involved with: Quantum Leap (TV series)

Toni Graphia (born May 11, 1960) wrote the Season 4 episode of Qunatum Leap episode "Justice".

Career Edit

Toni got her start as part of a Writers Guild of America (WGA) apprenticeship program where she "...went from opening fan mail to selling scripts in just a few years..."[2] Her first work was as a researcher on the ABC television series China Beach, where she met co-creator John Sacret Young, and was eventually promoted into a screenwriting role. [3] The two would work on further projects together, including Quantum Leap, Cop Rock, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Through her history with Young, Graphia created, produced, and wrote Orleans with him, which aired on CBS-TV in 1997. The show was based on Graphia's family and life growing up in New Orleans, with the character Judge Luther Charbonnet, played by Larry Hagman, modeled after her father. [4][5][6] Hagman was the first actor that Graphia thought about after creating the role of Charbonnet.[7]

Subsequent projects saw her produce and/or write for Roswell, Carnivàle, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Mercy, Alcatraz, Grey's Anatomy, and Outlander. [8]


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