Tony La Palma
Joe Santos as Tony LaPalma
Joe Santos as Tony La Palma in "Double Identity" in Season 1 (ep.#6).
Personal Information
South Brooklyn mafia capo under boss Don Geno Frascotti
Influences Sam, as son Frankie, to stop by the neighborhood beauty salon to talk to Teresa Pacci, who's the girlfriend of mob boss Don Geno Frascotti, whom he's been having an affair with covertly. about their relationship and breaking it to Don Geno, who suspects it already
Related to: Frankie La Palma
Momma La Palma]] (mother)
Primo La Palma (son)
Segundo La Palma (son)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Double Identity"
Character played by: Joe Santos

Tony La Palma, the father of leapee Frankie La Palma, is a character who appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Double Identity". The part of Tony is played in the episode by Joe Santos.

About TonyEdit

When Sam, who finds that he's leaped into 1965 Brooklyn, NY, into Frankie La Palma, who's an underling of feared mafia boss Don Geno Frascotti (Mike Genovese), who's been carrying on a hot affair with a one Teresa Pacci, Don Geno's girlfriend, behind Geno's back, must avoid the wrath of Geno, while also following Ziggy's instructions, who has formulated a theory to help retrieve him by having Sam, as Frankie, tell Geno "what he wants to hear" that his affair with Teresa was his dad Tony's idea (which, it indeed was) to send him to the salon to meet with Teresa; this, for now, at least, staves off the Don's wrath at Frankie, while saving Primo from Don Geno, who, in the original events before Sam's leap into Frankie, had Primo "wacked", thinking that he was the man whom Teresa was cheating on him with.

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