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Al in the Waiting Room with two Leapees

The Waiting Room is a room with only one table and a door out. It's the place where Leapees are while Sam is correcting a mistake in their lives. The Leapees are also questioned in this room, to find more information that can be given to Sam by Al; however, if the Leapee isn't in the Waiting Room, Sam can't leap.

The Waiting Room table


Leon Randolph Stiles threatening Al and Gooshie at the door of the Waiting Room

During the leap, Killin' Time, the Leapee, Leon Randolph Stiles, who was a murderer, escaped the Waiting Room by threatening Al and Gooshie with a gun. Al went after Stiles, leaving Gooshie to aid Sam from the Imaging Chamber. Luckily, Al got Leon back and Sam leaped.

Appearances Edit

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